DATV-Express and MiniTiouner-Express Download Center

User guides, schematics and downloadable software is located here. Click on any of the buttons to download the associated object. A description of the downloadable object is next to the button.


(draft 17) Software registration and download available free from web site. Details in User Guide.


Draft 14 for v1.25LP11 (DATV-Express / LimeSDR / LimeSDR-mini / PLUTO support)

Draft 10 – French Translation for v1.23


Obsolete Files

Draft 4 – PDF file

Draft 36 for V2.03 – PDF file

Version v2.03 32-bit i386 DEB file

Version v2.03 64-bit AMD DEB file
Version v2.03 ODROID ARMhf DEB file

Software Readme

For Windows (revised 2019-04-02 for Express_DVB_Transmitter Beta-software v 1.25LP14)

Block Diagram V1.0 JPEG

PCB Schematic Diagram

(AutoCAD) Rel 1.0 – PDF

(DX Designer) Rev E – PDF

(DX Designer) Rev E ZIP

(BOM) spreadsheet REV E – ZIP